Thank you for your interest in Wizard Software

Since our goal is to make your life less complicated, here are the 3 primary reasons more and more facility managers and real estate professionals are discovering and benefitting from our software solutions:

REASON 1 : Simple.
Our experience (plus good old common sense) has taught us that in the software business, there is nothing more important than keeping things simple. When a software program is simple to use, guess what? People actually use it. When you can quickly find something on your PC or laptop instead of asking someone to find it for you, it makes your job easier. When you can do something in a few seconds that used to take a few hours, days, or weeks, it changes your world.

Everything we do at Wizard Software is focused on making it simple for you to get to your information, therefore making your life easier.

REASON 2 : Powerful.
Simple doesnít mean small. Wizard Software applications and web-based solutions are used by Fortune 500 corporations, banks, global real estate firms, cities and governments, school districts and universities, hospitals and major healthcare systems. We are very proud of our client list ó check it out.

Our programs can accommodate 1,000 projects, 10,000 assets, sites and leases, or 100,000 work orders without breaking a sweat (they can handle more, but those are nice round numbers). Our solutions are built for the workgroups and teams that are focused on facilities and real estate, with scalable tools and interfaces that reach out and touch the entire enterprise.

REASON 3 : Flexible.
Wizard Software is great right out of the box, but your boss will be impressed at how easily we can modify screens and reports or add features and interfaces to fit your exact specifications.

Also, nobody offers a wider variety of platforms and options for deployment. Do you want to install and run the system on your own servers? No problem. Do you want Wizard Software to host your software? Easy. Want your data on your mobile devices? OK.

But Wait! Thereís More!
There are many more things that make Wizard Software your smartest choice. Affordability. The lowest TCO. Expert consulting and training. We canít fit them all on a single web page (and we promised to keep this simple), so we encourage you to explore our web site, download a trial version of our software, or give us a call and schedule a demonstration.

Thanks again.

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