Support Plans & Policies

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance is essentially ‘technical insurance’. It is required for at least the first year of deployment for on-premise systems. Maintenance benefits and services are automatically included in monthly fees for SaaS/hosted systems. Maintenance is typically billed annually. It starts (1) at the completion of end-user training, or (2) when the software begins to be used in production. Maintenance includes Help Desk technical support and the additional benefits described below:

  • Help desk support is available Monday thru Friday 8AM - 6PM Central time. Help Desk support is available to end users and system administrators who have completed a Wizard Software training class. Support includes assistance and troubleshooting with questions and reported issues related to logging into and using your Wizard Software solution. There are 3 ways to contact our Help Desk support team:
    • Email
    • Log a support request via
    • Call 773-832-0200

    Support requests are logged and remain open in our support queue until the issue has been resolved. Requests are routed to the appropriate Wizard Software personnel required for resolution (such as project manager, project engineer, programmer or IT staff). All Wizard Software staff are located in the United States. Wizard Software classifies Help Desk support requests as indicated below and respond to over 95% of these requests consistent with the following targets:

    Priority Description Response Time Resolution Time
    1 System Down (production environment) - no useful work can be done. 1 hour 4 hours
    2 Severe Impact - system is operational but individual users are unable to access or perform/run specific features, reports, or functionality. 2 hours 1 day
    3 Technical query - user or system administrator has question about how to perform/run specific features, reports, or functionality. 1 business day 3 business days
    4 Project upgrade or sales query. 3 business days 1 week
    5 Request for software customization, enhancement, report modifications, additional training. 5 business days Based on nature of request

To meet these targets, customers must allow remote access via our live support portal at powered by Bomgar (see If remote access is blocked or not allowed, response time targets may be increased. Additional benefits and services included with Maintenance:

Although many requests for minor modifications to software or reports can be resolved in just a few minutes, Maintenance does not include customization of software or reports. Wizard Software representatives may determine whether a modification can be completed and be included in Maintenance or if authorizationfor additional services are required. Maintenance is not to be considered a substitute for end user training.