Technology Architecture

Wizard Software applications are built and deployed using a robust, high-performance development and deployment platform. Our suite of products utilize a superior technology for the development, rollout and support of software for workgroup-sized user teams which enables our clients to scale and extend their applications to a virtually unlimited number of web-browser-based users requiring a targeted subset of functionality.

Our development platform is being utilized by individuals and small businesses around the world. Customers include 49 of the top 50 universities in the U.S., the top 250 U.S. school districts, and 70 of the Fortune 100 companies.

At Wizard Software, we have leveraged this technology to build software solutions that are truly simple, powerful and flexible. To support this, our platform provides:
  • Rapid development of functionality using an integrated visual programming environment, including user data definition, user interface screens, reports, and scripting
  • Integrated web publishing including XML/XSLT and PHP support
  • Robust security features including Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO) support
  • Flexible, rapid application deployment
  • Standards based data integration with other software, including ODBC, JDBC, SQL

Network Deployment Overview

Network Diagram

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