Technical Implementation Options

At Wizard Software, we provide a comprehensive and flexible number of ways to install, configure, and access our software. These include accessing the software over your own local network, as well as the Internet. In addition, we can provide hosting of our software and your data, eliminating the need for you to provide server hardware and IT support. This document will familiarize your with these deployment options.

You should have choices when it comes to deploying application software. Factors affecting how a facility management or real estate administration solution should be deployed include:
  • Number of users
  • User requirements
  • User geographic locations (are there users who work off-site?)
  • Computer and network capabilities
  • IT support capabilities and costs

Using Our Software on Your Network
Our software can be deployed as multi-user clients on your internal network or across the Internet. Multi-user clients can access our software using its full application user interface, or using a Web browser.

Client Network Deployment

Hosted ASP Applications
In addition to providing application software products that you host in-house on your own computers and computer network, at Wizard Software we also provide hosting for our applications. This product offering, called ASP (Application Service Provider), eliminates the need for server hardware and for IT support, including secure data backups that are handled by us. All that is needed with this option are client computers. Users can access our application over the Internet with its full application user interface or with a browser.

ASP Deployment

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